Giving Tuesday 2018!


Shared Support Maryland, Inc makes an impact every day. SSMD values our role as partners with people, families and friends in planning and achieving; we value people’s dreams and believe that it is our role to help facilitate a path…  Please read below to see how SSMD makes an impact through the eyes of one employee.


I have had the honor to witness first-hand the impact that Shared Support Maryland, Inc. has made on the lives of the customers I work for. In the time I have been with SSMD, I have seen our customers grow as employers by choosing who supports them, how they receive supports, and what their day will be like. I have seen the deep satisfaction on my customers’ faces when they choose their own staff and share their accomplishments.  The relief that fills the room when someone finds out that there are alternatives to assisted living / nursing homes is palpable, as is the appreciation they feel when they know that someone is really listening to them about their desires and concerns.


Sometimes it is supporting the customer and their team through tough times, and sometimes it is watching as the customer realize just how much better life can be when they are running it themselves. Either way being part of SSMD is always inspiring and I am excited to see how our customers continue to live their best life.”  Pamela Hodge, SSMD Support Broker and Bookkeeper


Shared Support Maryland, Inc. assists people along their journey with self-direction and fosters their relationships and connections to the community.  Self Determination principles play out in real life ~ freedom, authority, support, responsibility and confirmation.  Read below to see how one customer’s life has been impacted and how he makes the community around him aware.


The way that Shared Support Maryland, Inc. has impacted my daily life is that I can do what I want to do when I want to do it. The impact of Shared Support Maryland, Inc. services on others is, that I tell them about my experiences with Shared Support Maryland, Inc. I make others aware that Shared Support Maryland, Inc.  is available to them. Working with Shared Support Maryland, Inc. has empowered me to be as independent as possible. The reason that I joined The Board of Directors of Shared Support Maryland is that they support individuals to self-direct their own services. That helps them to be as independent as possible in their lives.”  William Fields, SSMD Board Member and long time Customer


Giving Tuesday is such an important day for non-profits like Shared Support Maryland, Inc.  We know that this year that there are hundreds of campaigns that have a personal impact on you. The causes multiply by the moment and deeply touch us, our family and friends, and our local, national and global communities ~ everywhere we turn there’s a need. Knowing this, Shared Support Maryland, Inc. planned for a small campaign this year ~ just one day with a couple announcements pertinent to our mission. Like all of us, nothing stops our work and love for what we do. Thank you so much for considering a gift to Shared Support Maryland, Inc. today.   Gail Godwin, SSMD Executive Director


If you would like to help us continue to make an impact please go to!  Stay tuned for SSMD’s GIVE! ~ donate $5 or more and you are automatically entered to win one of three exciting prizes!!!

  • 1 hour webinar on a self direction topic of your choice
  • 1/2 day (4 hours) training to an agency on understanding, facilitating and executing person centered plans or flexible and individualized supports
  • One initial career planning / discovery session for one person

All that donate $5 or more are entered to win, drawing is at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday, November 28, 2018 and the winner will be notified via email and or phone call by 12 noon on Wednesday, November 28, 2018!



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