Giving Tuesday 2019 ~ Give for Change

I’m excited about “Giving Tuesday” and why SSMD Inc. is such a worthy nonprofit for giving. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing SSMD’s Executive Director and her family for over 10yrs and “GIVING” defines this nonprofit. SSMD, Inc. is a nonprofit that embodies the values of self-direction, community and support through education which helps move forward systemic change in disability services. I’ve had the pleasure of facilitating training and am honored that SSMD has a vision around education/training that helps move social justice forward.

~ Shawn Lumpkin, MSIR, PHR, SHRM-CP

I have been a Shared Support Maryland, Inc Support Broker for five and a half years and have worked alongside this invaluable organization for twelve. Working for Shared Support Maryland, Inc has taught me so much about “what can be” rather than what can’t. I have received exceptional training and professional opportunities which would not be possible without the contributions of our donors. From my experience, there is no other service delivery system that enables as much autonomy, opportunities for full inclusion, and transparency as Self Directed Services. Through my role as a Support Broker, I have supported people with hiring and managing employees of their choice, with designing the life of their dreams and learning how to access their community outside of DDA services. Change is not visible overnight. You help the person get from point A to point Z and enjoy each step of the way. One important guiding principle is that the voice of the person served has to be the loudest and most respected voice of all. At Shared Support Maryland, Inc, our approach is not only to improve quality of life, it is a matter of social justice.

~ Irene Souada, Assistant Director/Support Broker

One of the most important parts of SSMD’s support and service to customers is a way to match those who work together, it’s a choice in the matter and essential in a working relationship.

Mr. Darren Guest is a customer of SSMD for seven years. Darren says, “Shared Support Maryland Inc. is a great resource. Matching their customers to the right support broker is really important.”

In giving for Giving Tuesday, your support continues to enable us to change the system, through supporting one person at a time in living the lives they choose, in the place they choose, with the people they choose. Thank you!

~ Darren Guest, SSMD Customer

Shared Support Maryland is participating in Giving Tuesday.  Your contributions enable the people we support to achieve their goals and realize their dreams by living independent lives in the places and with the people that they choose. 

I am so thankful to work with SSMD because everyone’s skills and abilities are valued.  The talents of each person are so important to our organizational growth and success.

Your contribution makes a big difference and allows our mission to continue and grow.  We are so grateful for the valuable part you play by impacting people’s lives through systemic change. Thank you!

~ Amanda Lay, SSMD Contractor

I am so honored to have begun Shared Support Maryland, Inc. 13 1/2 years ago. The path has been a windy and exhilarating journey. Learning and growing from each customer that has passed through and those that have chosen to accept our constant commitment to providing service and support, from each employee who worked and works an extraordinary amount of time with dedication and quality, to every single person and organization that now understands, rallies around and/or realizes self-determination.

This year, thank you Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council, we have work to support Marylanders with disabilities and family members to learn the power of taking charge of their planning, therefore, their service using all of the models of support Maryland has to offer. Building the capacity of the demand ~ namely PEOPLE! ~ one person at a time ~ WILL influence the system dramatically.  It IS time and we are so excited.

~ Gail Godwin, Executive Director, Shared Support Maryland, Inc.

When I think of having a good life, I think of one in which I have freedom, control, love, belonging and community. I think of one in which my gifts and talents are seen and shared and one in which I can see and benefit from the gifts and talents of others. I think of one in which I have control over my day, over my body and over the direction; I take my time on this planet. Shared Support Maryland (SSMD) helps to remove the barriers that people with disabilities often face in accessing a good life by providing a unique set of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Maryland community.  SSMD provides knowledge and support to help people with disabilities and their families explore their gifts, interests, talents and strengths and develop a plan for a full and rich day and life. SSMD provides the support people with disabilities and their families need to navigate the service system, find, train, hire and manage their own staff. This shifts the position of people with disabilities from being in the role of only a recipient of services to being an employer who is in charge of the people who provide support in often in intimate areas of life. Support provided from organizations like SSMD are not only transforming the lives of people with disabilities and their families, but also are working to transform Maryland communities. SSMD is helping to make our communities stronger by opening up pathways for all Marylanders regardless of disability to contribute and share their strengths and gifts. SSMD is helping to make Maryland a better community through their services, advocacy and modeling through their business practices that all human beings are inherently deserving of dignity, love and belonging, have voices to be heard and gifts to be shared. I am proud of having served on the Board of Directors for the past 3 years and as a family advocate and someone who has worked in the field of developmental disabilities for over a decade, I have seen few organizations that live their values as authentically as SSMD.

~ Amanda Rich PhD Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Human Services and Behavioral Science – York College of Pennsylvania, Open Road Inclusive Community Consulting LLC, Owner, Shared Support Maryland, Inc. Board Member

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