Project Support Assistant (Kensington, MD)

Kensington, MD

A professional is looking to hire a Part Time Project Support Assistant to help with social activities and organizational skills. The position hours are up to 5 hours per week. The hours are flexible, and the rate of pay begins at $22/hr.

This position is looking for someone who can provide one-on-one emotional and intellectual support by assisting in projects, creating a weekly organization calendar, and scheduling days and hours to complete projects. Candidate will follow up with the employer with 1 or 2 phone calls per week.

This position requires a person who is caring, compassionate, patient, responsible, respectful, has positive energy, confident, organized, and easy going. The skills this position requires are attention to detail, basic computer skills, teamwork skills, and communication skills. Also, this position prefers (but is not limited to) the candidate to have experience with people with disabilities, be bilingual (Spanish/English), have updated CPR and First Aid certification, and have 1 + year (s) of college education with concentration in Psychology, Health, Nursing and/or Social Services.

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